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At Building Surveying Services (BOP) Ltd, we take care of building inspections and surveys for our clients. We understand in today’s competitive property market, it’s important to get a house that has no underlying issues to ensure you’re not overspending on repairs and maintenance. Read on to find out more about what we can do for you and other things you should know.

Who Pays?

Vendors aren’t legally required to either provide or pay for a pre-purchase report. It is customary for the buyer to initiate the request and meet the cost. But it does add assurance which enables a solicitor to insert conditions and recommendations about any arising issues in the Sale and Purchase Agreement prior to signing. This allows an out clause to you as the prospective purchaser to withdraw from the sale without penalty. Clauses can also be included obliging the vendor to meet costs of appropriate repairs or adjust a sale price accordingly. While vendors aren’t required to provide inspection reports, it’s a smart move to include a Pre-sale Inspection Report in your sale package. This gives confidence to the prospective buyers and can move a sale to a successful conclusion more quickly.

LIM Reports

Local Councils issue a Land Information Memorandum as a legal requirement when one is requested in writing. LIMs are issued within 10 working days, but can be issued within 5 for a higher cost. Fees vary between local authorities. While a standard inclusion in any sale transaction, LIM’s do have limitations. Information is based on a search of Council records only. It does not entail a property inspection. Therefore, the LIM won’t necessarily reflect the current status of the property. It is not uncommon for properties to have work carried out that is unknown to Council – and therefore in breach of consents. Properties differing from approved plans held by Council raise subsequent legal issues that could affect a sale – and need to be dealt with.

What You Should Do

As a homeowner, you should regularly review the exterior cladding on your home. Building Surveying Services’ Weathertight Inspection gauges the cladding’s moisture content and determines its performance using sophisticated electronic moisture detection equipment.

The inspection is visual and provides indicative moisture testing. Based on results, we will recommend further in-depth testing if appropriate. Our service also provides a moisture management program. We advise updating this every year. Depending on the style of construction and construction methods, readings from critical areas can be monitored. Moisture problems will be detected early and can then be repaired to avoid extensive and costly remedial
Expert checking the interior of the house
If you’re in need of building inspections, then contact us today at Building Surveying Services (BOP) Ltd today on 07 576 4026.
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