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Building Surveying Services (BOP) Ltd offers professional building inspections for all types of properties. If you are buying, selling or building property you can count on our reliable and experienced building inspectors. We can provide a detailed report to give you total peace of mind. Call and speak to our friendly team today for residential and commercial inspections in the Bay of Plenty.

Building Surveying Services (BOP) Ltd has been providing quality pre-purchase and pre-sale reports for clients for 16 years. Not only on residential dwellings but also on numerous commercial and industrial buildings throughout the Bay of Plenty. Together we have carried out over 15,000 inspections since June 2000. Today’s complex construction industry is fraught with the dangers of poor building standards, shoddy workmanship and more. Any property inspection – be it pre-purchase, condition or cladding inspection – requires due diligence that comes backed by the integrity of independent scrutiny from a registered building surveyor and inspector.                                    
Our Inspections ALWAYS include a thoroughly conducted Council file search, which identifies any variations between the Council records and the actual lay-out of the property. Variations, which may be unauthorised building works are not identified in a LIM report and can potentially be very expensive to rectify. It is therefore absolutely necessary that any variations are identified and attended to prior to finalising your purchase or marketing your property.  
Should unauthorised building work have been carried out, which is an offence under s.40 of the Building Act 2004, Building Surveying Services is suitably qualified to prepare a Certificate of Acceptance (CoA) application report for Council's consideration.  

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Buy wisely and know your investment is sound. With growing numbers of people looking to buy property privately, due diligence is more crucial than ever. Even if you do choose the services of a real estate professional, despite being trained in property transactions and the vagaries of sale and purchase agreements, they won’t necessarily be aware of hidden problems within the dwelling. Make sure that your investment is sound with the expert building surveying services of Building Surveying Services (BOP) Ltd in the Bay of Plenty.

It’s important to understand that an agreement becomes a legally binding contract between buyer and seller the moment it is signed. Consult your solicitor first to discuss every condition and the pre-purchase requirement that should be met before settlement. It is normal for agreements to be subject to conditions such as finance, the sale of another property and a LIM report. However, a pre-purchase building report should also be considered the standard procedure. This enables your solicitor to insert appropriate clauses into the sale and purchase agreement to safeguard you in the event of problems with the property. For professional building surveying services across the entire Bay of Plenty region, contact Building Surveying Services (BOP) Ltd.
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Call us today at Building Surveying Services (BOP) Ltd on 07 576 4026 if you’re in need of professional building surveys.
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